Janis Joplin


I was contemplating the life of Janis Joplin today - it's been 40 years since her death.

I've always been a fan of her music... almost a blues/rock worship type of thing really... Larry Norman wrote a song to her when he used to open for her shows in the 60s called 'why don't you look into Jesus, He's got the answers' and it's a great word... she was completely unsatisfied with her life - even with fame, and success - she never felt loved or knew who she really was.
I guess we've all gone through that (although not nearly as upfront and in public I'm sure). The reality is that life doesn't make any sense without Jesus. Which is amazing when we consider how much time and energy we spend trying to find meaning in things and money and status and jobs and family... yet all of this falls short. The dark side of this reality is death... which is where Janis landed... dead. Without hope and without God - life does seem pretty meaningless. I wish she had chosen life. IF you feel like her... why not look into Jesus like Larry Norman suggests... he's got the answers