the attitude of gratitude

So, I think it's really cool that in The Salvation Army our 'self denial' period (where we deny ourselves stuff so that other people can have something - world missions) was collected on thanksgiving weekend. It works out well. I was struck by the beauty of it in our local front because we had just preached on Jubilee... and the spirit of the anointing of Jesus which is to 'preach good news to the poor... to proclaim the year of jubilee - God's favour'. That concept is an old Jewish one (right to the roots of Moses baby) and was God's attempt at bringing equality and fair distribution to earth (as it is in heaven...). The story goes that the Jewish people never fully celebrated a Jubilee... in the full economic sense... so, when Jesus stands up and announces that the Jubilee is here.. it's no wonder they tried to kill him. Jubilee threatens people who live close-handed lives. But, followers of Jesus get the joyful decree and with wide-open hands and eyes we give joyfully, thankfully, abandoned to the worry-free living of God's kingdom come. There is a lot more to be said on the subject... everyone should check out Ched Myers 'Sabbath economy' stuff...

So, come on... join the jubilee - give more away with joy. ;-)

GeneralDanielle Strickland