Media Release from Honour Consulting

For Immediate Release

October 5 is International Day of NO Prostitution we ask the question
Should men be able to buy sex, is that a right?
October 4, 2010 
On October 5 at 11am on the steps of the Ontario Court at 361 University Ave. where the recent ruling was handed down by Judge Himmel. Former sex trade workers and human trafficking survivors from across Canada will be holding a press conference to address the recent ruling. We will be addressing the concerns that this ruling brings up and the next steps Canada must take to keep women & children safe and to further women's equality. 
While all groups are happy with the decriminalization of the women in prostitution we are all deeply troubled with the fact that living of the avails and running a bawdy house have been decriminalized. From our lived experiences we know that some of the most exploitive and harmful practices happen indoors by pimps who profited of the exploitation of our bodies, who through this ruling are now legitimated into buisnessmen
 All groups are in total agreement that it is the root problem that allows prostitution and human trafficking to thrive, that must be dealt with, which is the demand for paid sexual access to bodies, pimping, procuring and trafficking.
To make Canada a truly progressive country whose laws are rooted in equality and that further the dignity of all women our groups are saying that Parliament MUST criminalize the demand, pimping and procuring of women & children. Prostitution is the oldest oppression that must be dealt with in a manner that stands up to the patriarchal belief that men must be able to access sex on their terms at all times. 
While the debate rages about whether legalizing will make women "safer" and whether or not women "choose" to prostitute the real question hides. Should men be able to buy sex? Is that a sign of an egalitarian society, when one half of the population based on gender is allowed to be commodified and sold to satisfy the sexual needs of others? 
We will talk frankly and honestly about how the setting aside of these laws with no further action is the utter and complete abandonment of marginalized women and particularly aboriginal women and address how the removal of all laws is a gift to pimps and traffickers. 
While there are 3 women in Ontario who are happy they won the court challenge our question is “If Canada does not deal with the unchecked male driven demand for paid sex, who's daughters will take their place?”