Wisdom, Justice and more Justice...


Well, today started with a preach on Wisdom at the fun and sacred Reservoir Salvos (hint: it's all about Jesus - the personification of wisdom) to a lecture on the connection between prostitution and human trafficking (particularly on the scene in Australia)... don't get me started but this lecture by the leading experts in Australia was fuel for the fire to stop the oppression of women in Aus. through the so called 'sex trade' (aka systemic pimping and violence against women). We really must use our heads and start mobalising our forces for women's freedom... it is no accident that women are the most persecuted people group on the planet! more on this later.
The finish was a radio interview that turned out refreshingly so, to be about the things we can actually do to make a difference in the world - some ideas?
1. choose to see (willful ignorance is largely responsible for injustice in the world)
2. do what's in front of you to do (in your own neighbourhood... in your own community... be inspired by a lady who baked some muffins and took them to the local brothel in her community... started some relationships and is walking down that road into justice lived out).
3. join a campaign (stopthetraffik.org, makepovertyhistory.org, fairtrade.org to name a few)

anyway, here's believing that the light spreads and the darkness shakes and the kingdom of God advances... Your Kingdom Come. Yes Lord.