The truth isn't sexy campaign launched in British Columbia

check out the website!
THE LIE | Women working in prostitution, strip clubs, escort agencies and sex massage parlours choose their profession for the lifestyle and money. They are living the “Pretty Woman” dream by setting their own terms of work and keeping all the money they earn.
THE TRUTH | The majority of workers in the sex trade are trapped in modern sex slavery. They are lured by a boyfriend or recruiter posing as a friend or potential employer. Some are sold into the industry by their fathers, brothers or husbands. After recruitment, the women are trapped by drug addiction and debt bondage to a pimp, gang or sex trade ring.

There are many more truth statements exposing the lie in the campaign (check it out). On the night of the release of this campaign I happened to be in Vancouver. Walking home in the downtown eastside along a very familiar route right across from a notorious Hell's Angel stripclub is a massive bus stop poster with an image of a woman being raped (familiarly called prostitution) with the caption THE TRUTH ISN'T SEXY.
Wow. It was powerfully placed and a powerful statement in a neighbourhood where the LIAR seems to run free. Let TRUTH begin to have it's way in the web of deceit and fear that violence against women through sexual exploitation has... may God break every chain and give us wisdom, discernment and the old fashioned guts to take on the giant!
Pray for the campaign.