I got home this morning after an epic adventure of travelling for over 30 hours with a six year old! good times.
And I was thinking about home. It was a bit weird because I was technically coming from home (Canada and family) to home (Australia and friends). And I got to thinking about heaven being our true home but even more than that I got to thinking about how home grows. It's natural for us in our own human capacity to think about home having to be 'a place'... like something stagnant or solid like an actual 'house'. I was reading a book on the plane that explains it like this (regarding children in families)... you think you won't have enough love to give to a child but when the child arrives your love expands and you have more than you ever had before... then you have another and the same thing happens - you wonder will I have enough to do more than one... but then more love happens... it's like an ever, growing, expanding source. Love grows. And I think home is where the love is. Being an officer's kid I had to sort that out a bit early. Visiting your folks and having to ask where the bathroom is - is a bit awkward... but I never had to ask where the love was... that was a given. Home is where the love is. So, it's larger than any one place... and it can grow. Home, sweet home. Love, home, grow... sounds like the Kingdom doesn't it?