Fall and the beauty of death.


I was running this morning in the vibrant colours of fall... honestly, Ontario in Autumn is really a sight to behold. The picture should help you imagine. I was also listening to Jesus speaking about losing your life in order to gain it (through my ipod.. gospel of John). I had my ipod on shuffle (which I've termed 'God radio') and what followed Jesus was Lauryn Hill 'when it all falls down... basically suggesting that when everything falls you only have one thing left... love'. God is love.
It was quite a time of worship and teaching... the tendency I have (and it seems I'm not alone) is to grasp tightly to things I think I need or simply want... just now my son was telling his papa that money is not what we need... we need to share - then everyone will have enough! who made him so smart? and how awkward is it to get rebuked by a six year old?! Anyway, the point is that it isn't always about money - it's about family, time, gifts, and love... it's about being free from fear and embracing an abandoned life of wonder and beauty - it's about dying to self and then living to Christ. It's not just me - check outside in Ontario Canada right now... there is a deep, spiritual beauty in death. Yesterday I was privileged to participate at Etobicoke Corps (Court family home) and sung the words of Albert Orsborne (music by Phil Laeger):
My life must be Christ's broken bread
My love his outpoured wine
A cup o'erfilled, a table spread
Beneath his name and sign
That other souls, refreshed and fed,
May share his life through mine.