heaven is my home.


So, today I had the privilege of going to 614 Melbourne. For some reason, while I was there I had some emotions about home. I guess the vibe there reminds me of my 'home' ... and for the first time in Australia felt the major pangs of family disconnect. This was a bit sad - but also a good way of identifying albeit a small bit - but more, with those around the place who spend every Christmas without any place to belong. I began to think of the hundreds of families around this neighbourhood (Collingwood) and many like it, who live around the world from their family - without the hope of reconnecting anytime soon.
I've got a whole other kind of family in the Salvation Army - a community doing a great job caring for me and the fam. yet many of those people (other immigrant families) have no other supportive connection. That's a lonely season. I've been praying that God would hook us up with a family of two from this neighbourhood with whom we can share the fullness of God's great gift to us this Christmas. And of course, praying heaps for our own family, around the other side of the world and yet close in our hearts and minds.
And I've been thanking God for His definition of 'family' that widens to encompass the whole world through believing faith in Jesus.
I'm so glad He came. In the end, heaven is our home. I'm longing for that too.
Be blessed.