The spirit of Christmas or "Xcessmas"? (hattip: VC)

If the pressures of Xcessmas (presents, parties and panic) are threatening your Christmas joy throw away your Xcessmas to-do list and try the following to rediscover the spirit of Christmas.

Sit on a bench at the mall and watch for small babies going past. How vunerable and yet how infinitely precious they are. Smile at them and their (probably frazzled ) parents. Know that God has amazing plans for their lives! Pray for them.

Practise random acts of kindness. Hand Christmas cards to strangers. Visit your local old folks home with magazines and a smile. Anonymously send grocery vouchers to friends you know are doing it tougher than you. Drive kindly, let others into traffic.

Find someone sitting alone at the mall. Say "hello" and "how are you?" and then listen. Pray for them.

Many people find the pressures of Xcessmas overwhelming. Remind them about Christmas.

Find a Bible and read about the first Christmas.

Are you afraid?

The shepherds were afraid and yet they came to witness the wonder of God's Love.

Worried about presents?

God doesn't ask for that new microwave or the biggest mp3 player or the newest toy craze.

All He wants is you.

The Kings didnt get Jesus in the local kris kringle. They came to honor and to worship and to adore.

Wait until its dark. Go outside and stand alone under the stars. Gaze up. Let yourself feel very, very small.

Then remember

God Who made the Heavens and the Earth

LOVES you !

And that is all you really need for Christmas.