Christmas Down Under


Well, it's been a great few days over Christmas here in Melbourne. God has certainly shown up and revealed His gracious presence in our lives. Family (online!), friends, extended family - lots of grace and love revealed and celebrated. Good times. I was reading through 2nd Samuel this week - and got to the part where David finally realizes that while he's in a palace, God is in a tent. He speaks to the prophet and says he'd like to correct the imbalance. God politely declines his offer... so nice of him, but after all, God suggests - if He wanted a palace He would live in a Palace... in essence, the earth is His footstool (this is a subtle dawning on both David and me!). Sometimes it's just a good reminder that God doesn't need our help exalting Himself.

Then God gives to David this amazing promise about His family and His heritage being secure in Himself. I loved that. There was something amazingly significant about God's promise to David about His family being 'enthroned' and secure in God's promises with their obedience. And David immediately recognizes it as God's great grace. He doesn't presume the right just because He's king. He says, 'who am I and who is my family that you would do this for us?' - good question. I've been thinking the same thing.

I'm not sure where it is exactly that the presumption of entitlement happens in our Christian walk - but it's a nasty disease. Everything that is good, noble, right, true, whole and rich and free (and I could go on) is God's grace in our lives. I've been thinking about this and wondering out-loud to God - 'who am I and who is our family that you would be so kind?' I know this for sure... I'm so glad to know Him. May Jesus be glorified forever. But for the grace of God go I. My body is no palace - and it may resemble a tent more and more each day - but God dwells in me - WOW!
Ponder that and Be blessed.