The Well Is Deep...


Had a deep sense of the Lord's history in Collingwood tonight.
We had the great privilege of having Major Allan Lorenze come to the kick off of our 2nd 24 hour prayer slot in the community. We started at the Penitent Form (or what used to be the Collingwood Sr. Corps mercy seat) - which is a now a patch of grass that we happened to have our last finish of our first 24 hour prayer slot (mostly because it started to rain!)... and the VERY spot Major Allan had his 'calvary experience' many years ago. I knelt with him - what else could I do? What an honour. Then we walked the 'march' route of the early salvationists - pausing at each spot they did open-airs to sing, reflect and pray. Good times.
I was reminded of the time in Gen. when Isaac comes to places and finds wells that are all plugged up (by the Philistines usually) and he unplugs them and recognizes them as his father's well - he reclaims them. That's what I felt like we were up to tonight...even still all through the night our small band of warriors is praying hard for the things God did then (1800 in an average meeting... 150 plus on the march... and need for a 'stretcher sergeant' whose job was to transfer people falling under the weight of God's presence to 'the glory room' so they could have longer times with God!) to do again - in OUR day, in OUR time... Oh God hear our prayer! Tomorrow we 'take some land' quite literally as we move into the neighbourhood.