How Long Oh Lord?


Not much has changed in the Downtown Eastside

As Pickton jury deliberates, women still going missing from Vancouver stroll

Brian Hutchinson, National Post Published: Friday, November 30, 2007

Check out this story - featuring Jen Allan, an old friend and a strong and confident believer who with God's help defied the odds and became a light in the darkness.
I get inspired by her and pray for her daily.

I wondered again today when God is going to answer all of the prayers for the downtown eastside? I know He is already - Jen is a great example of that and there are more than her... but I cry out with the psalmist, Jenn and the women from the dtes and the martyrs before the Throne - 'how long oh Lord?' and I continue to pray with the believers who still fight on that front. To them I say be fearless and keep your forehead like flint - we are going to win - God is on your side! To Jen I say I'm proud of you and stay close to Jesus. To the countless women who still remain in the clutches of the enemy and in the way of destruction I say you are not alone and pray for your protection and complete freedom. To the city of Vancouver and the country of Canada I say release the funds and programs for affordable housing, protection and exit programs for these women NOW. And to myself, loudest of all - I say - PICK UP YOUR GAME... and fight, fight, fight. These are our people. God hear and answer prayer.