Kingdom moves...


So the Lord is gracious. That I know.
This last day particularly God has been revealing much to me.
One of the major events in my life right now is trying to finish at one home and move into a new one. It may not seem like rocket science - but it is hard work. And time consuming. So, through this very physical act the Lord has been revealing some spiritual truth (in keeping with his teaching style!).

1. packing up is hard work but necessary. Not just a wipe down but a scrub and even in places you don't see... this is also necessary spiritual work if you want to move somewhere new in the Kingdom.

2. moving in is also hard work - and God is wanting to establish new things... this means we must be adaptable, flexible and willing to put in some hard work! New things are often harder because we have to start at the very beginning (think, utensils and brooms)... but you can make sure that you are doing it correctly and well from the beginning.

There is a cost to moving into the new things of God - but it's one we can count with JOY. For what God is doing promises to be worth the effort.

Hey - there is another cool little thing I was reminded of during our prayer finale (the 2nd 24 hour slot our community has been blessed with) and that's this:
the apartment we are moving into is brand new (built for this occasion) but it's built into a very old foundational building in the neighbourhood. This, we believe, is what God is up to. Building on an old and sure foundation - but doing something new... WOW. We serve a great God.