helping prostituted persons politically incorrect...

An appeal from the Saltshakers organization I received today reads like this:

News - Discrimination laws #3

We are saddened to note the following headline on the web over the weekend...
" Sex workers win apology from Salvation Army after threatening protest on Red Shield Appeal "

As part of this years Red Shield Appeal the Salvation Army had prepared advertisements with stories of how they had helped people. An advert in last Friday's Telegraph newspaper in Sydney told the brief story of a male prostitute who had been helped out of prostitution.

The Scarlet Alliance, which represents the interests of prostitutes nationwide, were upset by the ad and threatened to issue a ‘red ban’ on the Red Shield Appeal which was launched Friday. They claimed the ad was "capitalising on DISCRIMINATION against sex workers".
The Salvation Army issued an apology and said it would not use the advert again!!!!! It would appear they were afraid it would affect their appeal receipts.
The liveNews web site contains a video of the apology

How absurd this whole issue of discrimination has become, when prostitutes can blackmail a Christian organisation and accuse them of discrimination for telling such a story.
Note that the story did not even directly attack the SIN of prostitution!

Yet, on The Scarlet Alliance web site, they have a picture of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence", men dressed as Nuns, and a "naughty nurse" at Mardi Gras 07. They are clearly discriminating against the Catholic church and nurses!!
They also have a section titled, " Internet Viewing For Whores and Whore Lovers"!
One Goal of Scarlet Alliance is "To promote the civil and human rights of past and present sex workers [prostitutes] and to work toward ending all forms of discrimination against them".

Prostitutes 'rights' now appear to supersede the right of free speech and the 'right' to tell a HAPPY story of someone leaving such a degrading lifestyle.

Frankly, I think William Booth would be very disappointed to know that the organisation he founded had given in to such ridiculous provocation.
If this capitulation can happen when exceptions are in place - What next?
Action - Please write to the Salvation Army

Please write to the Salvation Army - commend them for the work they do and for tackling the issue of prostitution.
Express your concern that they were blackmailed in this way but that you are disappointed that they removed the ad and apologised for speaking the TRUTH.
Point out that this sets a terrible precedent that will affect any other Christian who dares call sin a sin in this nation.
They may not retract their apology but we could suggest it.

Prostitution destroys lives, marriages and families. Many prostitutes are drug addicts. Either because they are prostitutes and the drugs hide the pain or they are users trying to make enough to pay for their habit.
They need our help.
At the same time society needs to be reminded that prostitution is neither healthy nor moral.
Peter Stokes
Executive Officer
Salt Shakers
03 9800 2855