Transforming hope.

If you haven't been keeping track of the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's honourary law degree from Notre Dame it's quite interesting. Jim Wallis from Sojourners has a blog on it that's worth some thought.

If you are looking for some australian news the scandals surrounding the rugby, footy players and their sexual habits is endless. The latest article suggests the best thing they could do is adopt a brothel. Apparently sexual assault isn't so bad if it's done to a prostituted woman. Yet another reason that legalized prostitution is de-humanizing and a scar on society. I've yet to meet anyone who will admit outloud that they feel some women are less equal than others... but I've met a lot of people who support that kind of action with their lives and policies. I'm refusing to budge on equality for every woman - call me an irritant if you may but I can't let it go.

I'm not sure when we (Christians) began to be so conformed to the world's ideologies that we forgot about transforming our minds with the Good news of the gospel... I know the world promotes the idea that 'sex-work' is the best some women can do, and drug addiction is a disease that people will just have to learn to manage and some kids are destined to live lives of crime, violence and economic hardship their whole lives based on early behaviour. BUT I DISAGREE. I don't get my good news from the world - there is far too little of it there for any sustaining power anyway. I get my good news from the gospel and God is clear on this - ANYONE who is in Christ can become a new creation. That's right, it's the power of transformation that the gospel holds and even when I feel overwhelmed by the odds and overcome by the darkness and disbelief of generations, and even when academic humanists snub their noses at my very primitive system - mocking my faith. I Hold Fast. I'm not letting go. I'm not letting go in spite of my own pride telling me that conformity may be the future, I'm not letting go despite the hard journey of holding out for transformation on a day to day basis when faith is dim, I'm not letting go - because I know the gospel is true. I've witnessed it in enough lives (mine included) to believe everyone deserves a chance at hearing some real good news. Bring on the transformation.