Blogging is an interesting thing. A postmodern mixture of ego and connection, truth and fluff, nuggets of gold or a complete waste of time. I used to make fun of my husband for being so committed to blogging... back in the day before I realized it's power. It's a tool for reflection and for truth. It's a chore and a discipline and a love. There's a great book called Netocracy which suggests that blogging (and the internet) is the new power - connection is the new currency of a global generation... the power base is shifting from title (pre-printing press), money/knowledge (post-printing press), to networking (internet revolution). Today I heard a sermon about Romans 10:17 - that hearing comes from the word of God - the preacher suggested that we spend a lot of time listening to the world... and challenged us to hear from God instead. A great challenge... so, I'm blogging what I've heard God say - be holy. I've been reading some classics on holiness - most likely I'll share a few quotes with you soon... but what God has been reminding me this whole year (four days now) is to be holy. Be holy. So connect with this. Wrestle with this - what does holiness look like in a blog?