New year's resolutions

So, I've been contemplating last year and thinking about this one - as you do on New Years. Highlights are many... big events, small occasions of ordinary radical kindness and grace - new friends, family visits and the opportunity to head home... around the world it seems - Africa, UK, Nashville, Vancouver, Toronto, Thailand, New Zealand and around Aus... phew! Between all the events there hasn't been much time - that said one of my favourite moments in Australia has been on my own balcony overlooking the city while the sun is rising with my Bible, ipod and hot air balloons floating through the sky - it's quite a beautiful spot. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day - there is a long list of things I'd like to do... not sure if I can fit them into next year but I'd like to try... but when it comes to what really matters in the end - it isn't projects or places I'll remember and cherish. It's people. Hanging with my family, loving my son, growing with my husband, deepening new friendships and recalling the blessing of many old ones... those are the things that colour my world. I wonder if this year I can spend more time and attention to people instead of just trying to get another project out of the way. I want to be present. I want to live a full life like Jesus came to give us. Those are a few of my own resolutions. To be holy really. Not the pious, religious spirit that substitutes for true spiritual life but the full, joy-filled deep presence of Christ in my life and the world. For without holiness, no-one can see the Lord. I'd like the world to see God through my life infused example. Sound like a resolution worth trying?