Aggressive Christianity Conference

ACC is now going strong... some highlights:
covenant day - a reminder of the supremecy of Christ in my own covenant... to LOVE him supremely all my days... a stirring and faith-building time with Janet Munn bringing the Word alive...
Commissioner James Knaggs bringing the word with power and intimacy last night - mercy seat lined... people responding to a personal God with a personal willingness to GO. good times.
Significant silence in worship... a sweet presence filled with Holy Spirit... we lingered for a while - really beautiful.
Russell Rook delivering a beautiful and moving take on the Emmaus walk... challenging us to GO and inviting Jesus to walk with us and catch us up on the way...

I've been struck by the simple message of Jesus - His love, presence, touch and words... and I'm praying that I will not only hear but do the work of the Kingdom.