Top 10 reasons TO wear the uniform

OK so in follow-up to the last post - the top ten reasons we WANT to wear the uniform:
1. superior treatment at airport security! ;-)
2. authority of the movement (125 years plus of reputation on you in suede)
3. cleans you up well! (hattip:my mom)
4. epaulets are cool.
5. saves a lot of time on choosing an outfit.
6. public sign of covenant (I've made a promise with God)
7. solidarity with soldiers around the world
8. it's still better than camel hair (hattip: john the baptist)
9. who doesn't want a supersuit you can wear at night and fight injustice? (hattip:dh)
and the top reason we WANT to wear uniform
10. access - people's houses/jailcells/alley's/dignitaries/boardrooms/schools/cities/towns/kings/queens and paupers.... people's hearts... all for Jesus - it begs us to ask this question:
Why not wear it more?

peace out.