The long walk to... Justice


JENNY MACKLIN MP(Australian Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services
and Indigenous Affairs)announces:

I will join former AFL champion Michael Long today on The Long Walk from Federation Square to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The Long Walk was initiated in November 2004 when Michael Long set out on foot from Melbourne to Canberra to speak to the then Prime Minister and raise awareness of the plight of Indigenous Australians. The Long Walk is now an annual event to encourage cross-cultural understanding and build a commitment to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians. Funds raised support development programs in Indigenous communities. The AFL has a great record of supporting young Indigenous football players as part of the process of reconciliation. The AFL allows 1000 walkers to go on to the MCG for a lap of the ground in the lead up to the Dreamtime at the G match between Essendon and Richmond.

on this announcement I was reminded of the long-term approach necessary in our fights for justice and our extensions of the Kingdom of God. Nelson Mandela's biography is titled, 'a long walk to freedom' and the life story of wilberforce also reminds us of his seemingly tireless lifetime effort towards the abolition of the slave trade. Both are examples of how a righteouss life lived in the hope of redemption over the long haul can change the world. I'm into faster pace changes... patience is the place where God has to work in/on me most... but I'm resolved to set my course on the Kingdom coming and I'm determined to join God in the work... you?