Holy integration


I was talking with someone today about how easy it is to compartmentalize our lives... it's also a tendency in organizations... we can easily put what we believe in one box and how we live in another... or we can put faith in one category and justice in another... the thing is God is completely integrated... he is love - and everything about love is whole, true, pure, believing... trusting...integrated.
So I was thinking about what a completely integrated life would look like - and the easy answer is Jesus... a completely true, authentic life looks like Jesus - but what about now... what would your life look like completely integrated - nothing boxed in or separated from - or hidden away... there is a verse of a song in the SA songbook that goes like this:
Thus supported, even I
knowing Thee forever nigh
shall attain that deepest joy
living unto thee
no distracting thoughts within
no surviving sin
thus shall heaven, indeed begin
here and now in me..

-albert orsborne (fellowship with thee)
For those of us in the tradition of the salvation army we can understand those verses as a description of holiness - the fight with sin over.. Romans 8... I want to live a holy, consecrated and integrated life. God send your grace.