Movies, real life and babies...


In light of the report below from the Australian Christian Lobby you may want to check out JUNO, the movie. Great pro-life take.
Abortion battle continues...

Still in Victoria, the battle over the Government’s plans to legalise abortion continues with prominent proponents of late-term abortion pushing the agenda in a disturbing article in this week’s Herald Sun.

Dr Lachlan de Crespigny and Oxford ethicist Prof Julian Savulescu use an extreme example as well as misinformation such as statements like “Abortion is the equivalent to ceasing treatment after birth” to push for decriminalisation.

It is appalling to see this push for easier access to late-term abortions – particularly when you consider that by 24 weeks a baby is nearly completely formed and by 27-28 weeks s/he would have a 75%-85% chance of survival if born.

The Victorian Law Reform Commission will hand down a report on legalising abortion in late March and this will be considered by Parliament in mid April.

On the topic of abortion, this week saw thousands of anti-abortion protestors rally in Washington to mark the 35th anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalise the procedure in the US through the Roe versus Wade abortion ruling. The debate about abortion in the US is high on the political agenda of that nation as it enters a presidential election year.