The great, big gospel.


Well, I've been stirred up these days as I continue to press through writing a book on social justice with Campbell Roberts. Campbell is a hero of mine - and as I'm reading more of his notes through I'm realizing why. You can't read much on Social Justice with Campbell without running smack into the very heart of the gospel. God's reign - is an infectious Kingdom that advances love, mercy and justice from the inside out... God doesn't just want the oppressed to be free - he wants the oppressor free as well... this concept is larger than our own ability to comprehend it - the gospel is a far greater power and truth than we could ever grasp.

Often I'm tempted to limit the gospel to what I think should happen. I want to bend my knee to tribalism or vengence but the Gospel doesn't allow me to. Jesus doesn't let me stoop to limited salvation - He opens wide His arms and stretches them out as they are nailed to the cross and says, 'father forgive them.. they know not what they do.' and there it is... the whole world redeemed through sacrifice... the curse broken, the oppressed free, the WAY OUT!

I want to live out that gospel... not the small one that I tuck inside my heart and make about my own comfort or personal well-being, but the LARGE one that stands for truth, love and salvation for the WHOLE WORLD. Now the question is how? How do we live out that great, big gospel. The world for God.

That might just have to wait for the book! ;-)