Injustice, kids and slum surviving...

Had the great opportunity to go to a public school today (hat tip JW) and talk about injustice and global poverty. The class was doing 'slum survivor' for the day - which is a great program where you can experience what's it's like to live in a developing world 'slum'.
We talked about root causes of poverty and then began to brainstorm about what WE could do about it... the thing I love about kids is that they get it. One of them suggested that the reason we don't often like to see poverty is that if we were to take a good hard look we'd feel compelled to act. Nice one.
Others made the great suggestion that the way to combat poverty is to give more! Simple - but effective. Speaking of giving... what are you getting for Christmas this year - there are lots of JUSTGifts available at - check 'em out!