Post Connections Wonder...


So I've been wondering about what will come of Connections.

Not that it hasn't already born fruit - but what will be the long-term effects of thousands of Salvationists gathering to critically engage and connect with deep issues, theological truths, God Himself and the community of Australia?

I had a great opportunity to address the nation along with The Salvation Army Southern Territory Salvationists (estimates are about 4000 folks were there) on the issue of human trafficking.

I'm wondering out-loud if that is enough pressure to create some action on behalf of the government to release Federal funding and change the VISA specifics to protect human trafficked survivors in Aus? I'm praying it will.

Not only that - but I'm also praying that it wouldn't just be once every 10 or 15 years we march for social justice... I say we pick up the pace...

just wondering if those who felt God call them to officership will go home and sell off their stuff and come?

just wondering if those who picked up Fairtrade start up kits will visit the cafes and retailers in their local communities and ask them to stock fairtrade?

just wondering if those who heard Jesus' voice calling them to salvation will run the race with perseverance?

just wondering if those who were inspired to stand up for social justice will go home and infect their Corps with the same spirit?

just wondering... I'm not doubting - I'm dreaming that this gathering would bear fruit - and fruit that will last!
God speed.