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Our excessive pleasures (chocolate, coffee and sex) are what enslave millions of people (mostly children) in the world’s largest slave trade ever. Our excessive behaviour also enslaves us through obesity and desire. This progression of oppression needs to be confronted. As we confront our own enslavement it can lead to freedom for everyone in the cycle. Let’s join together to stop the oppression in our own lives and then share that freedom with those trapped in the current slave trade.

Join a team of people committed to justice. We will shed our excess so that others can be free. To do that we each pay to join a JustLose team and the entry fees are sent to a trafficking project that is freeing those trapped at the other end of the slave chain. This is a friendly competition - a race to freedom. The prize will be fun (there will be a declared winner) but everyone involved will win by breaking the cycles of slavery in an excessive world.

Team of 10 committed to lose so others can gain.

How Much?
$1,000 per team to enter (that's $100 per person/that's $5 per week)

Each member of the team sets a goal of percentage of body weight to lose (eg, if you are 70kgs and you want to lose 7, that’s 10%)
Everyone is accountable to one another. We suggest a weekly weigh in at your cell group or other weekly get together.
At the end of the time, the team that has lost the highest percentage of body weight ‘wins’.
JustLose is about focus on heath, self-sacrifice and spiritual responsibility. Weight loss should be a combination of exercise/activity and a balanced, healthy diet.
Teams should also consider what lifestyle choices need to be sacrificed for the sake of justice.

The Corps/Community team that ‘wins’ will have all the entry fees counted towards an earmarked trafficking project that aims to free those caught in the slave trade.

JustLose is run over 5 months every year.

Health Stuff
0.5-1.0 kgs per week is the recommended healthy weight loss. Those with questions and medical conditions should consult their doctor before commencing any weight loss/exercise programme.