Light of the World

Praise the Lord for around 300 Salvationists who gathered on the International Day of Prayer for peace in Melbourne. We contemplated the scriptures, we pleaded with the Lord - young and old, all of us united for one purpose - to ask God for peace. And what a request in these violent days.... we boldly believe for God's Kingdom to come NOW as it is in heaven. I'm working for the reality of the Lion and the Lamb - together. As we left the building we lit our candles and silently witnessed to the power of peace. Following the banner - Peace on Earth and behind us, Jesus Is Our Peace - we prayer walked to the steps of Parliament (past a brothel - surprising a few 'clients' on their way out!) where we spent some time in silent prayers for the victims of violence and war in the world (90% of whom are civilians - mostly women and children). Then we declared ourselves to be peacemakers by reciting together the words of St. Francis - Lord make me an instrument of Thy Peace.
What a grand day for The Salvation Army. We literally were the light of the world - God grant that this is just the beginning of many more opportunites to bring His Kingdom here.