An investigation into modern slavery by the leading human rights authorities of our time in the context of the transatlantic slave trade.

Slavery is illegal in every country on our planet. Yet there are more slaves alive today than all the slaves stolen from Africa over four centuries of the slave trade.

Dealt a blow two hundred years ago, slavery has recovered well. Human trafficking thrives as it exploits asylum-seekers and feeds the booming sex industry and the constant demand for cheap labour.

So the fight for freedom continues. But we are half-way to winning by being aware. This book will help all those who want to pray, lobby, or act with intelligence and effectiveness.

Reviewed by Major David Dalziel
writing in Salvationist, the weekly magazine of The Salvation Army
"...this powerful volume, put together to mark the 200th anniversary of William Wilberforce's victory over the slave traders in this country, provides some ideas of how individuals today can help. ...It shows how slave conditions can be changed and whole communities transformed by careful, local action, by training and educating..."

Contributors include:
David Alton - Kevin Bales - Kate Blewett - Steve Chalke - Caroline Cox - Shay Cullen - Joseph D'Souza - Joel Edwards - Mike Kaye - Michele Lombardo - Anita Roddick - Benedict Rogers - Tony Warner - Brian Woods