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I watched a movie clip about cocoa farm slaves this last week-end. Killed me.
I'm struck by the fact that our 'pleasures' (coffee, chocolate, sex) are what enslaves thousands of people. It's not that we 'need' these things. But even after telling a group of girls, one of them said, 'I couldn't live without my chocolate!'. Now, I understand that they just don't get the reality of the situation - but still - I think the progression of oppression (yes, that's what I said) is such that we are the enslaved as well. We are enslaved to our own greed, lust and pleasures - and it's killing us (obesity) and it's killing them (slavery). Let's get free.
I had this idea: JustLose - you get in a team of 10 people. Every team pays $1000 to participate. Then we compete to see who can lose the most for justice. We give the money to a trafficking project in the developing world. What do you think?
It will help us (with obesity) and them (with slavery).
It's a justice focused weight loss program... bringing us together for health - but not just a self-focused attempt - but a community committed to being better global brothers and sisters...
I think it's worth losing.