Just Work

You may have already guessed it by my last few posts - but I am tired of the slow pace we have set on the human trafficking front... in Canada we are particularly slow because our Country will not create/reform the law to protect and provide for the survivors of human trafficking... the police are not funded or informed enough to actually find them... the sally ann (God bless 'em) are left in a daze it seems without someone to follow. This gets me stirred up. We need to be the head not the tail. What I mean by that is that we need to start doing things whether they are 'legal', safe, risky, etc... while I was listening to the RCMP presenter (at the conference) I was checking out the info online (wireless) and up popped a 'How to run your own Escort centre' window... for $1000 I can get the in's and out's of a Vancouver based escort agency (including contacts for escorts, legal loop holes etc...). So, there it is. Let's start one... except instead of an escort business let's make it re-training and exit-ing. My idea didn't meet with great enthusiasm... (which I'm used to)... but what I don't understand is how the evil side can be so creative and flexible and daring -and the good side so grey, dull, and safe. International Justice Mission's founder in his book 'Terrify No More' suggests that the hardest thing about justice work is the work (and getting it started).
God help us all to JUST work - maybe, even as a turtle we could finish this race first!