Human Trafficking and The Salvation Army

A journalist, Victor Malarek spent two years interviewing traffickers and their victims and is the author of The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade (2003). He talks about how women are conned into the sex trade, the countries that are supplying the new "fourth wave" of trafficked women, and the failure of governments to help the countless women who are forced into prostitution.

TODAY I heard him at the Canadian Salvation Army network conference on trafficking. Besides his deep regard for The Salvation Army because of his personal experience as a child... he gave us some serious truth and delivered it with great passion and urgency. I asked him what he thought The Sally Ann could do RIGHT away to combat trafficking immediately - he said (and I quote), "get out on the street." Then he told me about this group of nuns in italy who started street night walks and have 'rescued' trafficked women one at a time and hid/cared for them in convents across the country... I started thinking about the roomy training colleges/properties around the developed world and wondered if we could put them to better use?

Just thinking outloud. We MUST get busy. I'm tired of talking. The early army used to arrange busts by 50 or so salvationists in uniform rushing into a brothel, putting women in the middle of the crowd and escorting them to private homes to be cared for as long as needed. Are we ready? Here's a link to more from Victor