The War College


Here is a picture of 614 Vancouver's Corps Training Secretary... the trained warrior (mighty man) that will lead the charge of The War College on our front. Have you checked out ( or it's worth a look - you can read all about people around the world whose lives have been changed forever because they took one year to get trained for mission and ruined for the ordinary. This year we are inciting a revolution... next year we are igniting fires everywhere. Don't miss the fight.
I'm quite pumped about it right now, because there are heaps of war college grads visiting these days - and their lives are impressive. They are sold out, mature, keen, willing and ready warriors. None of them are concerned with how much money they make, or what 'position' they hold - all of them are content to find a good fight and get to it... sacrificially laying down their rights, rank and lives for the lost, the last and the least. They have great stature in God's kingdom it's clear. What a privilege to know them and to fight with them for God's Kingdom come. I'm praying for even more... we mean to change the whole world. I hope I can keep up... I think we're getting ready for the horses (see Jeremiah 12:5).