God at kneedrill!


Thursday night is always fun at 614 Vancouver's kneedrill.
In the heat of the hood we meet to fix our eyes on the King and ask Him to usher in the Kingdom.
He does.
Tonight He did it with the crew from Charlotte 614 Firecrest team leading the charge. It was sweeeeeet.
Add the visit of Linwood House (our friends and partners from the beginning), the parents of War College students and the many people from our community (cell mates, phase 2 leaders, adopted warriors, crossculture teens, and outposters) a reunion of some rowdy worshippers and you've got yourself a recipe for a party.
And a party it was. God is love and I love to worship Him. And I love to worship Him WITH my friends.
What a great God we serve.
God let the party expand, continue and overflow into the streets of the downtown eastside! Your Kingdom come.
the picture below is of another night.... but you get the hang of it I'm sure.
I think Kirsten was armed with a camera so stay tune for more fun pics of some serious dancing...