the almond branch of Williams Lake

so, I'm visiting one of my oldest (time related not age) and bestest friends, Denise Walker in Williams Lake. Did I mention her name is Denise Walker?
Anyway, this is a very interesting trip for several reasons:

1. It feels a bit like home.

2. God gave me a word about the 1st chapter of Jeremiah and the 'almond branch' that he saw... it means 'wakeful tree' and speaks of God's word bursting forth (the almond tree is the first to awaken after winter)... and I felt like the almond branch is what God is saying to Williams Lake... an awakening...

3. There are so many people here who are evidence of the faithfulness of God's word... it's incredible to remember that the Kingdom is about a small seed, not a huge work... it's a wild Kingdom (Shane Claiborne suggests in the Irresistable Revolution).. and there is no end to the surprise of where the seed sprouts.

4. I'm visiting a place where saying good-bye was difficult at the time when saying good-bye to another community will be as difficult at this time, and it's reminding me that God is faithful... unless the Lord builds the house, we labour in vain.

God bless Williams Lake!