Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.
He would have been 79.
He was shot dead when he was only 39.
39 years old and King had already begun to change a nation and inspire the world.

I'm inspired by King - if you'd like to read some awe inspiring stuff consider the latest book on and by King himself.
Martin Luther King Jr. an autobiography... a collection of his journals, letters. speeches and sermons - in chronological order.
It's a must read for world changers.

I'm encouraged that King was a real man, complete with doubts, fears, conviction, sin, hope, vision, mistakes, suffering, and redemption (large size redemption). King believed in a world that could be restored. So do I.

C.S. Lewis suggests that when Christ died and rose again time itself began to work in reverse... as though the whole created order is on it's way back to the point of creation - perfect wholeness... I'm a fan of that idea. I believe that life is stronger than death - I know that love conquers all in the end. King, witnessing from Heaven, is part of the great cloud of witnesses that cheers us on and invites us to finish what God started.

There are some Christians that spend their whole lives hiding and hope that Christ will return to save the day. That's not me. I know Christ is coming and I want to be ready... I'm spending my days fighting, hoping, living against despair and death and winning the world for Him... I want to change the world. It's a large and costly prayer but I mean it.
Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. for a life well lived and the dream... now, to live it out.