Children of Men


I think John Paul the Great would have been pleased with the new movie Children of Men:

One reviewer (Lisa Schwarzbaum) calls it a 'prophetic dystopian dazzler' and suggests it's one of the most important films of the year... she only laments it's release date and the reality that it will get tossed out for not being 'glam' enough for the hollywood crowd.

I think it puts John Paul's warning to the next generation on the big screen...

Some of the stuff worth talking about after you see the flick: (feel free to use as a discussion guide for a God at the Movies time with a friend).

1. How do we value life in our society? and in our own lives?
2. What are the risks of rejecting life - to our world? (what were the results in the movie - and do you see that happening in our world now? if so, how).
3. How we respond to people in need suggests our value on life itself (a gift or a hassle)... how do we (personally) respond to people in need?
4. Why do catholics have issues with birth control - and does it relate to valuing life?

That's to get you started... I'd love your comments after you've seen the film.