Breathtaking beauty


aadf53b0e40d88b61ddfa6c30002b906I was speaking with someone today about why women's rights are a big deal. I answered quickly, 'because Jesus is a feminist and empowerment is what he does'. But as I thought about it, I realized it's much more amazing than that.

The things Jesus does are for all of us but especially for those who lack equality. He literally calls out of our brokenness, shame and inequality a worthiness that is intrinsic to each of us.

It's mind blowing when you stop to think of it.

Imagine if we all woke up to the reality of how this plays out in real life.

How would it change the way we treat people? The way we construct our societies? The way we 'do life' together?

Jon Foreman has this song called 'All of God's children' and he says we're all "shining underneath". And I really like it. I like it because there is something so essentially right about it. God made us good. And I know and recognize that sin/brokenness/evil has marred and scared us - many of us unrecognizable - but if we were able to see beyond the 'covering' of our sin - we are shining with value and dignity and worth.

What if we really saw people that way? Saw them for who they are underneath the pain, suffering, sinful rebellion and covers of a dirty, broken world... what if we saw the glory of God inscribed into their true selves when Jesus knit them together in their mother's womb? What if we could catch a glimpse of the breathtaking goodness of God in every person we meet?

I have this little thing I do with my youngest son at night. I say 'who made you?' and he says 'God made me.' and I say, 'how did He make you?' and he looks and smiles at me and says 'He made me good'.

It takes my breath away.