standing at the crossroads

Stand-at-the-Crossroads-and-Look-1024x1024 I've met a lot of warriors over the years. None stronger or braver than the ones I'm journeying with these days in Edmonton at Crossroads. This group of people never stop amazing me. They are humble, generous, kind, strong, truthful, joy-filled and open spirited. I'm proud to be among them. I consider the whole group of them an incredible gift from God. Truly, I'm so grateful.

Here's some things I've learned hanging out with them that have impacted and shaped me. If I had the time I'd share about each of them and you'd be left with the exact same reaction - the same one I have daily - gratitude. I'm grateful for who they are and for what God has done in them and what He does through them.  Some of them are truth-tellers and honest all the time - others are infectiously joyful and can make you laugh at any given moment - still more are people who have chosen to say 'yes' to God and 'yes' to others.. and that combination is truly changing the world.

1. Wide-eyed wonder.  Developing a wide-eyed wonder about the world and people and how everything works is hard when you've been around a lot. It's infectious because if you stop to actually look at stuff - it is amazing. Whether it's the ocean, a statue or a child... it's all amazing. This is an incredible ability to see the world that way all the time... and I get invited to join in.  It's like jumping down a rabbit hole and discovering a new way of looking at everything.

2. Humility/Truth telling. Fearless truth telling. People more teachable and less offend-able.  Willing to hear truth from anyone at anytime.  If it's a genuine truth - apply it. Seriously. It's not just an external humility for the look of it - it's an internal humility. Like someone who really wants to get better at living. Speaking truth works this way as well. Speak as though everyone has the capacity to chose truth - and of course, everyone does. It makes me live in the truth.

3. Joy. I've laughed and cried more in the last few years than ever before. that's because some of our group specialize in 'feeling'. And feeling real things deeply means that you laugh and cry a lot. It's really good to be alive like that - and it's been really good for me. Some of my peeps believe that for joy to be deep the laughter has to be accompanied by movement. I think they are right.

4. Grace. I use this word a lot. It's cause I need it every day. Actually, if I'm honest I need it much more than that. Anyway, grace is this spiritual word that means the willingness to accept people for who they are and the idea that we can invite God into that space and it will free us up - to stop performing and behaving and be loved instead. It breaks us out of cycles of behaviour and judgement. It's the freedom to be loved for who we really are. Hanging out with people who have loads of grace for each other is liberating.

I could go on and on. Once I started making this list I realized it should be a series rather than a single blog. Wow. I've got so many people to be grateful for in my life. I'm writing this filled with gratitude for the living witness of how when people say yes to God and yes to others it really does mean the coming of a new kingdom - and I get to live in it. Thank-you God for your joy filled, truth telling, humble, graceful, wonder-filled people.