New Years, Ice cream spoon tasters and step five

il_340x270.336676715Today, first day of the new year, I was reading about God making all things new. This comes of course as a witness through His followers on the earth who help bring this kingdom through their lives. Someone has likened it to being like spoon tasters at an ice cream store... it's our job to help people taste God's kingdom come! I like that. I like the idea that we help people taste and see that God is good... that we dish out in our lives 'cookies and cream' goodness and 'orange tiger' justice and 'peanut butter and chocolate' forgiveness... I could go on but this is making me way to hungry. :-) and that's the point, I guess... making people hungry. all of this sounds pretty amazing... but what does it really look like (as my son would say) in real life? Step five is when we take a huge leap of faith and share our personal moral inventory with someone else. A real live person. And this is where it all gets tricky. See, to witness the new kingdom in real life means that people no longer hold resentments, they let go of bitterness, release forgiveness, and live transparent and honest lives in humility. This cannot be done alone. God designed it this way. We know from the very first creation account that when man was alone it wouldn't do - God had something better in mind. drum roll please.... community.

God didn't want us to live self sufficient, individualistic, ego driven, selfish lives. He wanted and intended us to be dependent on each other... the New Testament suggests that if we confess our sins to God we are forgiven - and all of us breathe a collective sigh of relief at that promise claimed. But it goes on... if we confess our sins to each other - we are healed. Now that's different.

This is terrifying. See, the risk is that if we open our lives up - in honesty and transparency and vulnerability and humility - then someone can hurt us. But this is the kicker - they could also heal us. And this step is about healing... it's about honesty... it's about humility... it's about transparency with each other. And living that way, even though it's filled with risk, and forces us out of our safety closets of self sufficiency, is a taste of the kingdom coming.

So, grab a spoon and fill it up with some healing and offer it as a sample of Gods kingdom come in real life. It'll be an awesome spoonful I'm sure.