10 random things about Exodus



I'm doing and fun and interesting experiment with a co-blogger on Exodus... read his take here:

My thoughts are about the movie after watching it last night:

1. The story is epic. Even the big screen isn't big enough to contain all that the Exodus is and means. There is not a director in history that can really do it justice.

2. The story didn't technically start with Moses - if you read exodus the story starts with two midwives who say NO to Pharaoh... I think that's a bit of detail that was worth telling.

3. Moses can't decide what country he's actually from (in the movie that is). He changes his accent about three times (that I counted). what's with that?

4. What's with Moses leaving his family? that doesn't happen in the Bible (I'm not sure why I'm pointing out that this isn't in the Bible since many things that happen in this movie are extra-bibilical).

5. The potential natural causes of the plagues is an interesting take and a good discussion point. Does God do some of His best work through natural causes and phenomena? Are miracles ever always the most obvious answer? Isn't someone always trying to explain things in a rational way - even if they don't always make rational sense?

6. God is not a child. Or is He?  I couldn't help but think how portraying God as a child was an image of the level of 'faith' or experience Moses and the Israelites had of God. Kind of like how Paul in the Bible says he longs for Christ to be fully formed in us? Maybe God had only been formed in Moses to the point of childhood?

7. The slaying of the firstborn is a tricky one. What kind of God... even the best theologians suggest bringing this one up on the day we get to meet Him face to face.

8. The passover blood. That was messy. Which I thought was a good reminder about how avoiding the curse of death gets really messy and bloody too and invites us to participate... I'm just saying.

9. I can't believe Pharaoh survived the sea with all that metal armour on... seriously - what kind of swimmer must he had to be? I almost drowned with muddy running shoes on in a race this summer.

10. The idea of God and Moses crafting the LAW together is fascinating. I would have loved it if God grew up during the times Moses encountered Him... that would have been cool... but I like the conversation about partnership and disagreeing and continuing to talk none the less... a great nod to a faith worth cultivating.