breathing, seasons and star wars

250916__minimalism-black-background-character-star-wars-star-wars_pI've been 'through' recovery myself and helped many addicts out of the cycles of addiction for years - almost 20 years to be exact. And would you believe that I had never actually read the Big Book by AA until this week? It's a classic book, outlining the program and the reasons behind the program that was designed to help people out of addiction, through the process of transformation. Now, the language of recovery and transformation has always been a tricky thing. See, Jesus is all about transformation - and so is recovery. The difference is simply one of process not outcome. Everyone needs inside out transformation that starts with a spiritual experience, includes a practical action based plan and ends with more spiritual experience.

To only rely on spiritual experience, without practical action based planning is to deny your whole self and to most likely set yourself up for repeat performances. To only have an action based plan with no spiritual transformation, is to deny your whole self and to most likely set yourself up for repeat performances.

So, the best plan for recovery and transformation (drum roll please)... spiritual experience with a practical action plan and then more spiritual experience. This is the process and outcome all rolled into one. It's not a static outcome - but a dynamic one - in that it keeps repeating itself... like breathing, seasons and star wars.

So, I'm dedicating myself to not only read the book but apply it. It'll be a season of recovery for me personally, and I'm working through the steps with a small group as well - navigating the process of transformation together (which is of course the only way true transformation ever occurs). I'm gonna blog about it. You are welcome to join us. If you'd like to get started on the video series we are using at our small group check out this one Recovery series at