a beautiful mess


Just editing the rough draft of a new book I’m releasing this summer called A Beautiful Mess: How God re-creates our lives. Here’s a taste from my conclusion:

The way God creates is breath-taking. I’m watching it right now as I track together with some people who have made a new start of their lives. Out of the chaos of their pain, sin, fear, darkness – God spoke and everything began to look different.

It’s such a good reminder of my own journey. I could never have guessed God’s re-creative work could have been so beautiful. And the work continues.

Why does this matter?

It matters because the way God created the first things are a pattern for the way He re-creates all things. It matters because God is in the business of redeeming and re-creating the world. His plan and pattern is to see His Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven. It’s what He taught us to pray for and work for and long for. And we do.

Every dark place needs to be invaded with light. Every life lost in chaos needs to hear the incredible truth that God is near – just waiting to create new life.

Every time I feel lost and confused and overwhelmed, it is not wasted– it’s an occasion to watch, listen and trust that God has something beautiful in mind. Something new and creative is at work all around us, all the time. If we had eyes to see and ears to hear we could start to imagine what God has in store for those of us who have thrown our lives on Him.