Freedom Relay Canada

Canadians march toSTOP THE TRAFFICKING!”
         Freedom Relay launches cross-Canada event
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From Newfoundland to British Columbia - Canadians are saying “Make It Stop!”
Human Trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, forces vulnerable people into unpaid labour and sexual exploitation. It is a global problem and Canada and our communities are not spared. Canada is regarded as a source, transit and destination country for victims of human trafficking.
For the first time a concerted effort is underway to unite Canadians and organizations in putting an end to the misery, fear and destruction of human lives caused by this terrible crime.
The Freedom Relay is organized by the Chrysalis Anti-Human Trafficking Network and  Stop The Traffik,Canada, in collaboration with NGO’s across the country.
“The problem of human trafficking begins in a community, and we believe the solutionto human trafficking also begins in a community,” says Jacqueline Linder, Executive Director of Chrysalis.  “By participating in this national freedom relay, Canadians are saying: ‘Make it stop!”
The relay begins September 17th in St. John’s Newfoundland. It then moves across the country and concludes in Vancouver on October 1st.
The relay is a series of events organized locally (see below for details) but are united by common purpose.
“The relay is about unlocking the chains – and the keys are awareness, support for victims, a national strategy, legislation and law enforcement,” Linder says. “This event is creating a network to bring these pieces together, and to bring ordinary Canadians into the fight.” 

Relay Dates, information

Relay Dates

1) Sat, Sept 17 - Newfoundland
2) Sat, Sept 17 - Montreal (relay info)
3) Sat, Sept 17 - Ottawa (relay info)
4) Sat, Sept 17 - London (relay info)
5) Sat, Sept 17 - York Region (relay info)
6) Sun, Sept 18- Toronto (relay info)
7) Sat, Sept 24 - Winnipeg (relay info)
8) Sun, Sept 25 - Saskatoon (relay info)
9) Sun, Sept 25 - Edmonton (relay info)
9) Sat, Oct 1 – Vancouver
For more information; interview requests: 

Mike Linder, Chrysalis Network: 780 504 0329

The Chrysalis Network is a national organization that provides free, confidential trauma counselling service to women and men who have been trafficked and exploited for the purposes of commercial sex and forced labour.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a global movement of individuals, communities and organizations fighting to prevent the sale of people, protect the trafficked and prosecute the traffickers. It has more than 1000 member organizations in 50 countries and tens of thousands of activists all over the world. 

Freedom Relay Canada was inspired by the Freedom Ticket For Life relay created by Stop The Traffik.  The Canadian relay is organized by the Chrysalis Anti-Human Trafficking Network and Stop the Traffik, Canada in collaboration with NGO’s across the country.

Freedom Relay Canada