Spiritual Readings - a love language

Evangelism is hard work in a country that has closed itself to 'religion' as a conversation of interest.
Today in the heart of Coppenhagan's educational city hub we tried a new strategy - it's called Spiritual Readings. It's basically using the language of 'spirituality' as a way of introducing people to the living word of God. I learned these tactics from Patricia King at Extreme Prophetic. We simply set up a booth of three chairs and made a sign inviting others to have a 'free spiritual reading'. What it means is that we pray to Jesus and ask Him for a specific word for the person we are praying for.
This was a brand new strategy for the young people I was doing it with in Denmark on a Salvation Army mission team.... but they were absolutely brilliant. Every single person we prayed with was  amazed at God's voice and open to receive more instruction and the message of the gospel freely afterwards. Tears, exposed fear, love revelations, confession, spiritual hunger - all of that was present after Jesus began to reveal Himself through our faith venture. It's so exciting to be in God's plan... the adventure never seems to stop.
I'm spurred on by the team - who is willing to step out in faith and confront their fear and the darkness with the never failing love and light of Jesus. And I'm spurred on by the love of God for His people... all of His people... oh, how He loves us.