Justice made fun in Denmark

I've spent the night at a camp in Denmark with 150 kids (of all ages) many of whom have not embarked on the Jesus adventure yet. Last night there was a special all ages game that was an incredible time together. It's difficult to explain but every small game/challenge was about helping kids here understand a little about life for others in developing countries. All of the games were connected to the Millennium Development Goals and included a brief idea/glimpse of how people can make a difference to change the situation. At the end of each challenge we received an ingredient for a cake we had to make together. Everyone received different portions and in order for any one team to make their cake they had to share/borrow or trade with others. It was a bigger lesson in how we can only challenge injustice by working together to redistribute wealth in a just way. All of this was done as a game - it was fun and it was really challenging.

It seems Denmark Salvationists take their justice seriously. What a great way to engage in a meaningful evening with those who know Jesus and those who don't know Him yet. The night was capped off with an International Night from the Time To Be Holy delegates - which was sensational... a very clear and celebratory declaration of the love and life of Jesus... what a great way to celebrate Justice again - from the inside out.