moderate degrees of talent

Catherine Booth wrote to her husband, "Nothing can hinder a holy person from bringing forth fruit unto God. If my dear, you are altogether giving up to God, you cannot but be a soul saving minister. Holiness with a moderate degree of talent will produce far greater results than great talents without holiness..."

This is a great reminder in a western culture that struggles for 'qualitifications' and clammers after degrees and need ego boosting titles and positions... the truth is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist or even extraordinary in any venture - if you are filled with Holy Spirit - you will do His will and work in His power and see God's kingdom come.

This is a real struggle. To resist the urge to make it happen ourselves. The Psalmist suggests that unless the Lord builds the house we labour in vain... this is along these lines. God's work must be done with God's power. Holiness is the power of God at work within us and then coming out of us.

I'm praying for a holiness revival.