Packing and Pilgrimage


When you pack you are constantly reminded of the stuff you carry that you don't really need.

It's amazing. There is also another thing: when you have finally cleaned house - really, taken out the trash and the thrift store stuff and the things you were meant to return a long time ago - it feels better. Then I wonder why I didn't just live like that?!
Obviously the spiritual is the same. Why do we carry so many things around... burdens, fears, bitterness - when it would feel so much better to throw those out.. and the other things... old spiritual things, habits, tools, bibles and the like - why don't we pass those on to people who could use them? and then the things we should be returning to God - our gifts, our time, our hearts our minds, our attention... it just feels better to live like that.
I've been doing some thinking about simplicity recently... there is much to be said about simplicity when you are moving!! ;-)
The Psalmist suggest that I'm blessed because my heart is set on pilgrimage. I'm following God. Jesus said when you go don't take much with you - I'm trying to follow His advice... although very hard in todays world. Onward.