Volcanic Ash and other fun things...


So, turns out the whole of the UK transit system is in lock down due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Who knew? I was remembering watching those end of the world movies where everyone is stuck and can't get to safety - turns out that it may not be that far fetched. Loads of people are either stuck in the UK and can't get out - or stuck out and can't get in. Heathrow airport is deserted.

I wonder if it may just be a divine hint to slow down and enjoy life a bit - a life always on the run is fun for a while but there is sometimes an invitation for us to take a break, slow down and smell the roses - hang with friends - waste some time.
I'm terrible at this. I'm much better in a constant state of 'catch up' where everything is pending and depends on me... this is a driver for me - the next book to be written, trip to take, speak to give, project to launch etc... but sometimes, if we listen we can hear the voice of God saying - let's just hang out and have some fun... could that be God?
The sabbath instruction was along these lines... it was to be a constant reminder (economically, socially, emotionally, spiritually) that the people of God were not born to be slaves!! That I can 'amen'. I'm praying that all of those people 'stuck' would listen and hear the divine invitation to throw their lives in the hands of a playful God - and simply have some fun. That would/could cause it's own volcanic eruption - in praise perhaps?