Easter Camp and Jesus

So, I've been traveling the three campuses of Easter Camp (the New Zealand youth movement at Easter time) this weekend. What a trip. :-)
It was incredible to see so many young people (about 9000 all up) engaging with the events of Jesus' death and resurrection. So many folks were first time seekers and the stories seemed to stream in endlessly about Jesus showing up in their lives - warming their hearts and impacting their futures.
What an amazing God we serve. I was humbled and inspired by what I saw. God really means what He says 'those who seek me will find me.'
You know, this culture really curses young people. the main message seems to be that the most they can hope for is to be good consumers, stay dissatisfied and unhappy and hope to express themselves in extravagant sin. But the gospel is good news for THIS time. They/we/you can be free, holy, true, pure and the redemption shapers of todays world... this is all TRUE and it's only the beginning of what Jesus wants to do in all of us. I'm pumped up. Jesus really is alive - I saw Him all over New Zealand!