catching up to Ash Wednesday


I forgot about Ash Wednesday - a fairly central event on the Church calendar that kicks of the "LENT" season where we prepare ourselves for the Passover (Easter). It seems quite ironic to miss the start of what has often been an increased season of prayer, reflection and personal discipline - when I've also been trying to pay attention to those things this year. Funny how busyness is like an infection and spreads to all areas of our lives. The seemingly inevitable inertia of small projects simply hip-checks the huge realities of Christ's journey to the side. I feel bad. Not the kind of bad where I'm overladen with guilt and can't catch-up - just bad that I missed it...bad that I allow the tyranny of the urgent to crowd out the important moments of reflection.. bad that I preach about discipline and lack it myself. hmmm. that said - what I have been reflecting on (and in community) is the Exodus account... which of course is the beginning of the story of Passover... pointing to Easter and all that jazz... I was reflecting today (in my catch up) about how Jesus also began his long walk to freedom (the cross and resurrection) with a confrontation in the Temple (you know the whole turning the tables episode?!). And of course that Pharaoh confronting occasion was all about justice... hmmm. So, I may be busy and running around and trying to play catch-up in a multitude of ways - but I'm only one day late... I'm going to spread ashes on my checks too in penance ;-) - and I'm definately going to be eating the Passover meal with my coat on and my gown tucked in - chewing as fast as I can.. ready. ready. ready. ready to go on God's word and make a sprint for the red sea! FREEEEEDOOM. Bring. It. On.